A Little Background on Dave!

It is very important to connect with your real estate agent and develop that early rapport.   There is no better way than learning a little bit about them on a personal level.  Here is a brief background on Dave Kovaleski.

Lessons Learned Early

Dave Kovaleski learned early the lessons of finish what you start and when you are done with that begin working on something else. As a young boy he was relied upon for things most kids never need to worry about. Whenever Dave’s father called upon him for a chore he was the one there till it was finished while his other siblings ran off to play. He was truly the one that took pride in his work and believed in finishing what you start and doing it with passion.

Dave took this work ethic with him when he got his first job at 16 in a grocery store and was known as “the fastest moper in town” due to his attention to detail and efficiency.  From that moment on Dave was financially independent and fended for himself. “I paid room and board to my folks, bought my own school clothes, and at 18 finally bought my own first car”, Dave recalls. The pride of independence was so profound that he carried this feeling into his young adulthood never asking anyone for anything, relying on himself and working hard for what he needed.

Work Experience

Dave was always a technically minded person, after high school he went to a technical school to study electronics and since had jobs in technical fields such as electrician, mechanical engineer assistant, and a machine operator in a plastic plant. “There is no grey area when it comes to machinery and electronics, it has to be right the first time” explains Dave. But, as much as he enjoyed the technical field there was always an underlying desire for something different. 


Dave took a class and learned about investing in real estate and at age 22 bought his first investment property. This triggered a series of events including the purchase of several other properties and eventually him becoming a Pocono real estate agent.  The attention to detail that he learned while in the technical field and the life lessons he grew up with carried over well into his career as a Pocono real estate professional. The pride in knowing he can handle anything that comes his way, not to be needy or take anyone for granted and to always take matters into your own hands gives Dave an edge in today’s real estate market. The old saying “If you want something done right do it yourself” rings loudly in Dave’s ear. Especially when it comes to real estate, “When it comes to my clients I oversee every aspect of a real estate transaction from start to finish, there are always other people involved but its my job to make sure they are doing the right thing for the people I care about” Dave adds. 

Dreams Come True

Today, Dave Kovaleski is a dedicated family man spending much of his free time with his wife Marie and two daughters, Claudia and Hayley. As a full time real estate professional, he enjoys sharing his passion for real estate with friends, clients and business associates. When he isn’t hard at work helping his clients with their real estate needs you can find Dave spending time with his family, whipping up a healthy meal, exercising, or working in the garden. 

Allow Dave to take care of your real estate needs and have it done right the first time. You will never have to ask yourself "what if our agent tried this?" Dave has probably already done it!

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Dave Kovaleski

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